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Structural Surveys

While Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is now common place in the utility surveying industry it is common place in scanning structures. GPR outperforms cover metres, coring, ferroscan  and other traditional methods of assessing concrete providing faster, detailed and more accurate results.

Using our selection of specialist GPR surveyors, antennas and survey equipment we are able to offer non-destructive GPR surveys to identify construction details and assess the internal condition of structures, locate chimney flues and foundations, detect concrete and bar deterioration, and map obstructions for coring or drilling activities.

For building construction and pre-drill surveys, GPR Pro utilises our dedicated high-frequency GPR antennas to locate rebar, obstructions, voids, layer thicknesses and in-wall utilities. Results can be provided on-site or in report and drawing format.

GPR Pro offer, amongst others, the following surveys:

Radar can also be used to undertake a number of other surveys and we are always happy to provide bespoke surveys for unique jobs. Please check our blog for some of our more complex jobs. Please call us to discuss if GPR your project.