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Chimney flue surveys

Fireplaces and their associated flues are a common occurrence in homes up and down the country. Once these chimney flues leave the fireplace their route through the walls can be complex. CCTV is a great method for reviewing the flues but will not provide chimney flue mapping.

Radar offers a non-intrusive method to accurately map the location and depth of flues within the wall. By collecting a number of horizontal scans the full height of the wall GPR will be able to track the flue as they go through the building. GPR will also be able to determine if a flue liner is present. Scans only need to be conducted from one side of the wall so access to neighbouring properties is not required.

As GPR is a nondestructive method we can undertake surveys in both occupied and unoccupied buildings. Scans can be conducted with no mess and while occupants are present allowing for truly non-invasive surveys.