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Location and mapping of embedded metal within stonework

The UK has a large number of historic stone-clad buildings. These stone facades are often held to the main structure of the building with iron cramps and pins. Over time the iron can corrode, expand, and cause spalling of the facade stone.

In order to repair or replace the cramps, and other embedded metal, it is first necessary to locate it. GPR offers a quick, effective and accurate method to locate embedded metal within facades.

Our surveyors scan the walls using both vertically and horizontally to cover the area with particular attention paid to the horizontal joints between the stones. This allows for not only mapping the location of the metal but providing information on the size and depth of the targets.

All the collected site data will be analysed and the identified locations and depths of the cramps and other metal is be marked onto a CAD elevation drawing. CAD sketches, photographs and annotated radargrams showing detail of detected features will also be included as appropriate.