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Reinforcement and tendon location / mapping

When drilling into reinforced concrete it is often essential that the reinforcement present is missed. GPR provides a fast and accurate method to locate and map bars before dilling.

Using radar our skilled surveyors can locate all reinforcement within the drill areas and mark them onsite in real time or plot them onto CAD drawings.

Post tension tendon mapping

The risks involved with drilling or coring into post tension tendons is high. Not only will this affect the structure but the snapping of a tendon can cause injuries. It is therefore imperative to accurately locate these before drilling into the concrete.

Traditional methods of concrete scanning, such as covermeters and ferroscans, typically will not penetrate deep enough to resolve the tendons and will often not be able to differentiate between reinforcing bars and tendons.

Radar not only has the depth penetration to detect the tendons but our skilled surveyors can distinguish between bars and the tendons. The locations of the tendons can be mapped in real time, with their locations marked up on the floor, or plotted accurately onto CAD drawings.