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GPR Post Processing

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) post-processing is a time consuming and complicated task but essential for getting the most out of the GPR data. It is not always possible to be able to do this in-house, due to either a lack of time or a lack of competent staff. GPR Pro has the solution.

GPR Pro offers a wide range of GPR post-processing and data analysis. We undertake data processing for clients undertaking GPR surveys using any system and for most types of survey.

The results of our interpretation can be presented on AutoCAD drawings, to your CAD standards, or in a written interpretive report with radargrams and CAD drawings as required.

GPR Pro’s team can undertake data analysis for utility mapping, reinforcement location, structural imaging, archaeology and most other types of surveys.

Our post-processing team is able to offer high-quality GPR data post-processing and interpretation at a very competitive price.