• Stream EM: GPR Utility Surveys
    Non-destructive, high productivity, cost efficient surveys of roads and open spaces
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  • Structural GPR surveys
    Non-destructive technology for detecting rebar, layers, obstruction, moisture and voids
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  • GPR Utility Surveys
    GPR detects most types of utility including non-metallic and other targets not detected by EML methods
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  • GPR Data Post-Processing
    Offshore post-processing with GPR Pro quality standards
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  • Structural GPR Surveys
    Concrete condition mapping, road layer thickness and construction assessment, underground infrastructure surveys
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Ground Penetrating Radar Survey

Ground Penetrating Radar survey (also referred to as GPR survey) is non-destructive, cost effective technology that is used to look beneath the surface to detect underground features and utilities. GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) offers the best resolution for any ne...

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Latest News

Offshore GPR data post processing centre
22 May

Offshore GPR data post processing centre

GPR Pro is proud to announce the launch of our offshore GPR data post processing centre - reducing o...