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Underfloor heating pipe mapping

Underfloor heating is a great way to heat a space, providing even efficient heating. It does, however, bring its own risks when there is a requirement to drill or core into the floor. Given the often complex way that pipes are installed accurately locating, and avoiding pipes, can be difficult, even with drawings.

Radar provides a fast and accurate method of locating and mapping underfloor heating pipes. Radar allows for the mapping of both plastic and metal pipes, regardless of if there is water in them. The pipes can be mapped in real time, with their locations marked up on the floor, or plotted accurately onto CAD drawings.

Radar is an entirely nondestructive method of mapping the pipes and will be able to locate pipes through screed, tiles, wood and most other floor finishes. All without damaging the surface that is there.

GPR Pro provide a highly accurate survey of the location of underfloor heating pipes using GPR. Our experienced surveyors have knowledge of how the pipes are likely to be laid out and the skill to pinpoint the pipes.